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The Problem
Finding a free berth in a marina, especially in a tourism area in the summer, cannot always be held effectively. There are tourists, who occasionally choose to anchor open-sea in various bays for freedom and privacy, but for those who don’t, a non-available mooring spot is an obstacle that forces them to follow this option which in cases of high beaufort makes the overnight staying difficult or even impossible for the crews.

Also, the construction of marinas in coastal zones is not always feasible, since it directly affects the natural shoreline, the financial cost is increased and the delivery time is long.


The Solution
The Negon provides mooring spots, offer numerous services and improve the conditions for open-sea anchorage.

It functions independently and autonomously since its construction and maintenance don’t depend on any terrestrial or port projects, it’s a floating structure and can be moved if it’s necessary and it’s not needed any exogenous factor for even power or water supply. It is designed in a way that installing or removing it does not affect the balance of the sea ecosystem, while the operation thereof is based on renewable energy sources.

Negon can be considered as a small floating marina, but it actually doesn’t replace the existing marinas; it complements the mooring system in Greece.

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